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L LeDonne

LL singing.png

Certified Mindfulness Facilitator

Therapeutic Music Facilitator

Barre´ Certified with a specialization in Trauma Informed Movement

TREM Certified

L has been a musician since a young age. She continued to write and perform and grew a love for the piano and electronic music. Graduating high school at 15, she moved to Boston on an early admission from Berklee College of Music. By 19, she signed a demo deal with CBS Records. That signing allowed her to work with many famous artists she met in the entertainment industry. From working at Prince’s Paisley Park to collaborating with Carlos Santana for a nonprofit dear to his heart. Unfortunately along this path, Lori struggled with addiction with periods of sobriety. Although she excelled at her work, a traumatic event caused a relapse that eventually changed her life.

During her recovery, L realized she had to find a way to persevere and move forward. She wanted to make changes in her life to keep her off a destructive path for good. Music had always been a way to self-soothe and she needed to find a means of creating. She joined a performing arts initiative that changed her life's trajectory completely. Collaborating with others, taking chances and sharing each other's pain through artistic expression became a means of healing and of hope. At this time, L decided she would dedicate her life to healing trauma through music. L now uses her time and creativity to help others through trauma and PTSD through multiple arts initiatives.

One of her most important projects to date is working with formerly incarcerated musicians, creating a safe space for them to process feelings and emotions through the creation of music. Her programs allow for community and relationship building, improving self-confidence and emotion regulation. All of which are necessary components for mental health and well-being. In November of 2022 ,

L graduated from Copper Beech Institute with a certification in mindfulness facilitation, a life coping skill to help herself and others stay grounded, positive, and live with purpose. L is dedicated to sharing the importance of all of these different processes and has dedicated her life to increasing her knowledge so she is able to offer what has worked for her, to others.
Currently, L is  pursuing a Doctorate in music therapy. 

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