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​Cari is a Therapeutic Art Specialist & Certified Sound Healing Practitioner.
She specializes in supporting people to heal symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression through the healing modalities of art and sound.
Cari holds a BFA, a Masters degree in Education
and a degree in occupational therapy.

Working for years with people struggling with emotional health matters,
Cari believes that use of art and sound compliment each other well
to heal past wounds, ease emotional symptoms, manage pain
and strengthen resilience.  

Cari offers warm-hearted and individually tailored programs that will support
you to accept, express, make sense of and transform
your emotions for powerful healing.



I invite you into an online healing space of respectful equality,
acceptance, and safety,

and I warmly welcome you to book a free 15-minute chat.
I look forward to connecting with you!


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