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Flow- Releasing Anxiety and Stress Through Watercolor- Coming 2023




3.5 hours


About the Course

Amazing things happen when we change our routines, push our fears aside, and spend time immersed in the present moment. Learn the ease and flow of painting to release anxiety and combat stress.

Looking to nature for inspiration, we will create beautiful, layered paintings. Discover, renew and explore your inner creative soul. During your deep dive into Flow- Releasing Anxiety & Stress Through Watercolor, you’ll get to:

  • Discover how to begin your paintings in a fun, stress free way. Ease the anxiety of not being "Good enough", and learn how to playfully build up texture and pattern to create a painting full of depth and meaning.

  • Learn to use inspiration from nature to create balance and ease in your art.

  • Paint to a beautiful immersive sound experience with singing bowls and other instruments.

  • Understand how an art practice can help to reduce stress and help you control symptoms of anxiety and depression.

  • Re-imagine the potential for creativity in your life. These video lessons will be packed with painting knowledge giving you over 2 hours of artistic exploration and fun that you'll be able to access FOREVER, whenever you are needing a reboot of FLOW!

If you are ready to get into the healing FLOW of creativity and re-energize your life through paint, then this course is for you!

Join me for a creative, healing journey in this self-paced E-Course. Dive deeply into the painting process with painting demonstrations and fun techniques. Paint to one of my sound healing sessions for a multi-layered, immersive experience.

I’ll lay out the steps that I take to create my richly layered paintings in start-to-finish videos. Join me and renew your energy and passion for life and painting!


WHEN: Instant & Forever Access

WHERE: Online & Self Paced, yours to keep forever.

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