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The Gift of the Hamsa- Coming 2023




3.5 hours


About the Course

Join Cari for a creative healing journey and together you will dive deeply into your personal symbology and the symbol of the Hamsa.

In this process, Cari will be demonstrating her favorite techniques and the many ways that you can use an art practice to fuel your creative spirit, heal from trauma and manage stress and anxiety. She’ll demonstrate each step that she takes to create her Hamsa's in start-to-finish video lessons. Spark your creative spirit as you heal your heart and soul!

In this self-paced workshop Cari welcome you into her studio for a series of video lessons. As she leads you through a step-by-step process for creating a personal Hamsa. Cari will introduce you to healing inspirations from ancient cultures through ceremony, symbolism and sound. Her goal with this class is to empower you to develop your own personal practice to help guide you on your journey. During this workshop Cari will offer you a beautiful sound bath session using singing bowls and other instruments to help you relax deeply and reignite your creative spark.

This class is designed to introduce and/or enrich a healing art making practice. It was created for everyone, no matter how much art experience you have. We were all born creative. Unfortunately, many of us stopped creating sometime in grade school! Creating is our birthright and it is healing to make art. Allow Cari to will show you simple painting and mark making techniques with watercolor paints and other tools, to create personal symbols and also discuss life practices that can enrich a deep soulful practice.

If you are ready to explore healing art from ancient cultures and express the creative energy that is hidden deep in your soul, then this course is for you!

{Online Instant Access Workshop}

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