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Healing Ancestral Trauma-Coming September 2023!




6 weeks


About the Course

Join Cari, sound healer, therapeutic arts facilitator, shamanic practitioner and ceremonialist for a six week journey of connecting with our ancestors and healing intergenerational patterns through visual journaling, sound and ceremony. 

This program offers a holistic approach to healing ancestral trauma by empowering individuals to honor their past, release inherited burdens, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. It combines various modalities to create a supportive and nurturing environment for participants to heal, grow, and reclaim their true selves.


• Date: TBA

• Over 10 hours of videos to guide you step by step through the program.

• Class links are delivered to your email each week.

• Demonstrations on how to create your visual journal, material lists and bonus materials to help you on your journey.

• Private Facebook group of like minded community members facilitated by Cari for support and encouragement.

• 3 one hour live group Zoom sessions with Cari to help guide you on your journey, answer any questions., and help integrate information.

• Email follow up from Cari for 1 month after the program. (1x per week)

• Guided meditations and sound healing to help get you into a deep relaxed state for releasing old patterns and inviting healing.

Throughout this journey, Cari will lead participants to embark on a profound exploration of their ancestral lineage. By delving into the depths of their family history, they can unravel the intricate tapestry of generational pain, trauma, and guilt that may have been passed down through the ages. Visual journaling will be a core component of this transformative process. Through the act of creative expression, participants can access emotions, memories, and subconscious patterns that may be hidden beneath the surface. The visual medium provides a safe and sacred space for individuals to explore their thoughts and feelings, allowing for a deeper understanding of their ancestral wounds. As they engage with art, they will discover their own unique symbols, metaphors, and imagery that serve as gateways to ancestral healing. 

Guided meditations and ceremonies will be woven into the journey, creating sacred rituals for release, healing, and connection with ancestral energies. These ceremonies honor the wisdom and presence of those who came before us, while also offering opportunities to address and transform inherited patterns that no longer serve our highest good. Through intentional rituals, participants can invite ancestral guidance and support, facilitating a profound shift in their relationship with their lineage. 

Sound healing will be a central element in this transformative process. In this heightened state of consciousness, participants will be able to access answers to ancestral questions, gain clarity about their soul’s journey, and receive healing on a cellular level. As the time progresses, participants will gradually shed the layers of generational pain, trauma, and guilt, allowing their true selves to emerge. By acknowledging and understanding the intergenerational patterns that have shaped their lives, they can consciously choose to release what no longer serves them. Through this process, they reclaim their personal power and create a new narrative for themselves and future generations. 

The integration of ceremony and shamanic practices within the program allows participants to tap into ancient wisdom and spiritual guidance. Ceremonies provide sacred space for honoring ancestors, seeking forgiveness, and setting intentions for healing and transformation. Shamanic practices, such as journeying and energy clearing, can help individuals connect with their ancestral spirits and receive guidance and healing from the spiritual realm.

Cari’s guidance, expertise, and compassionate presence will provide a nurturing container for this transformative journey. Her experience as a sound healer, therapeutic arts facilitator, shamanic practitioner, and ceremonialist will create a safe and supportive space for participants to explore their ancestral trauma and embark on a profound path of healing and self-discovery. By engaging in this program, individuals have the opportunity to honor their ancestors, heal their lineage, and cultivate a more authentic and empowered way of being. This transformative journey holds the potential to bring profound healing, liberation, and a deep sense of connection to one’s true essence and purpose.

Throughout this journey guided by Cari, participants will also have the opportunity to engage in group discussions and community sharing. This supportive environment encourages open dialogue, empathy, and collective healing. By sharing their experiences, insights, and challenges, participants can gain a sense of validation and connection, realizing that they are not alone in their ancestral healing journey.

In addition to the core elements of the program, Cari will also provide personalized guidance and support to each participant. She understands that each individual’s journey is unique, and she will offer compassionate guidance tailored to the specific needs and challenges that arise during the program. Throughout, Cari will create a nurturing space where participants can feel seen, heard, and supported. She will hold space for deep emotional exploration, encouraging participants to express themselves authentically and without judgment. 

Cari will help participants integrate their newfound insights and healing experiences into their daily lives. She will provide practical tools, self-care practices, and ongoing support to ensure that the transformational work continues beyond the program. Participants will be empowered to continue their healing journey, nurture their connection with their ancestors, and embrace their true selves long after the program has concluded. By engaging in this online journey, participants will not only heal their own ancestral trauma but also contribute to the healing of their entire lineage. Breaking free from generational patterns allows for the possibility of creating a ripple effect of healing and transformation that extends to future generations. 

The program fosters a sense of personal empowerment and agency, reminding participants that they have the ability to rewrite their family’s story and create a legacy of love, healing, and resilience. 

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