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Creative Healing-A Sensory Approach To Healing Trauma



8 hours


About the Course

Using a sensory approach to healing trauma through the arts is a powerful and holistic way to address the complex effects of trauma on the mind and body. This approach acknowledges that trauma can impact various sensory experiences and seeks to engage those senses in the healing process.

Allow Cari and L to create a safe and supportive environment where you will feel nurtured and held. With gentle encouragement and sensitivity, Cari and L will provide a healing path for you that begins with relaxation through sound healing and mindful meditation. The workshop will then focus on engaging the sensory sytem in creative ways through art making, song writing and movement. They will teach you how to engage in your creativity in comfortable, playful ways to enhance self-expression and to release stuck trauma within the body.

Throughout this process, Cari and L will be always be available to guide you. They will demonstrate all techniquesand give you tools to use after the workshop to help you manage stress and anxiety.

This program has been thoughtfully curated to create a safe learning environment for all.

Everyone is welcome.

This is an in-person workshop.

Please look for upcoming dates to register.

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